Icom IC-7300 and EasyPal PTT

First setup your Icom IC-7300 as described here.

Find the COM Port for the Radio in Device Manager (that’s in control panel):


Then in EasyPal, open the PTT Settings:

Set your settings to look like below, make sure to change the COM port to what your system is using. Also, make sure to Save the Profile.

To automatically enable DATA mode on the radio and then back to regular mode, set:

PTT ON String: FEFE94E01A060101FDFEFE94E01C0001FD

PTT OFF String: FEFE94E01C0000FDFEFE94E01A060000FD

If commands aren’t working right, i.e you can see it switching to LSB-D but TX isn’t working, try changing the “Command Separation Delay” to 100 ms.

For more information on the strings, review the full manual for the ICOM IC-7300 available here.


  1. many thanks for your Information about IC-7300
    Works great on IC-7100 (change the CI-V Address to 88)
    on IC-7200 (change tehe CI-V Address to 76)

    1. Hi John,
      Make sure that you’ve put in the correct PTT OFF string: FEFE94E01C0000FDFEFE94E01A060000FD If it isn’t there, then the rig won’t stop transmitting. If it is there, make sure your 7300’s firmware is up-to-date, I’ve confirmed this working on 1.3 and 1.4 versions of the firmware (https://www.icomjapan.com/support/firmware_driver/3248/). If that doesn’t work then rename the usercat file located C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\EasyPal\usercat to usercat.old and then re-setup CAT control.

      1. Checked it all and did the rename still is stupid. What’s going on is the program stops the audio but the rig stays in TX until I press the transmit button on the rig. Appreciate the help but everything matches up as you have it. I have the latest firmware also. So who knows guess its analog sstv.

        1. Hi John,
          I’ve confirmed it as working on all my rigs and computers. You could try for the full uninstall and re-install of EasyPal. EasyPal is now long in the the tooth and is becoming less compatiable with each Windows update.

          1. I know its so old of a program. Nobody has nothing new out there. I am not a software designer by any means thats for sure. More of a hardware guy. Did the reinstall and made sure I cleaned out the registry and walla its working.. Thank You

  2. I have been trying for three weeks to get EasyPal to activate the IC 73300 to no avail, purchased the official cable bought a usb d/drive to download the nescessary file and tried all the different initiation files, cat files with no joy, the radio is running 1.4, any suggestions?, Ray, vk6et

    1. Hi Ray,
      Sorry I missed your comment. Can you try changing the “Command Separation Delay” to 100ms in “Setup” Menu -> “Setup c/s-soundcard PTT”? I have found that in certain instances that the commands are sent to the rig too slowly and it disregards them.

  3. I have installed EasyPal and have it working with the ic7300. I would like to try the hybrid mode but can not find an internet server to use. Can anyone supply the necessary info. Thanks K0OEH 8/24/2022

  4. After a lot of searching the internet, I am able to answer my own question. I found a working server to use.
    K0OEH, George 8/31/2022

  5. IC 7300: Menu, SET, Connectors, USB SEND/KEYING,USB SEND, RTS
    EasyPal: Config, setup Call, Soundcard, PTT, Ser.Port
    PTT ComportSetting=Comport 4, TX=RTS on, DTR off, RX=RTS DTR OFF (allways) last step press OK button.
    EasyPal: Config, Ser-port set (CAT), IC-7400,19200, 8, 1, none, YOUR soundcard for RX and TX, comport 4, delay 100 ms
    PTT ON String: FEFE94E01A060101FDFEFE94E01C0001FD
    PTT OFF String: FEFE94E01C0000FDFEFE94E01A060000FD
    SAVE PROFIL 1 thats all, have fun now.

  6. bonjour je cherche comment configurer le cat ptt d easypal
    pour fonctionner avec l icom 9700.
    remerciements pour toute information f4mxx alain.

    1. Hi Paul,
      The command to change the mode to USB is: FEFE94E0060101FD
      The command to enable TX is: FEFE94E01C0001FD
      And finally the command to disable TX is: FEFE94E01C0000FD
      Typically you would want to change to USB voice and enable TX simultaneously which would just involve concatenating both strings to: FEFE94E0060101FDFEFE94E01C0001FD
      Since you’ve already changed the mode of the transceiver to USB, just a simple disable TX (FEFE94E01C0000FD) would suffice.

      Hope this helps,


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